1000-Lb Sisters Season 5 is yet to be announced by TLC

Genres: Drama
Status: not renewed yet
Station: TLC
Latest Episode: 3/21/2023
Official site: go.tlc.com

Tipping the scales at over 1,000 pounds combined, the Slaton sisters try to lose enough weight to qualify for and undergo life-changing bariatric surgery and pursue their dreams.

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Name Air Dates
Apple of My Eye Mar 21, 2023

It's Tammy's wedding day; Amanda and Misty take Caleb to task over his true intentions; Amy struggles to get the venue decorated and keep her emotions in check; a wardrobe malfunction and a case of cold feet threaten to derail the nuptials.

Walkin' on Eggshells Mar 14, 2023

Tammy announces her engagement to the family and reveals that her big day is only two weeks away; Amy takes up maid of honor duties; the family wonders if there's another reason Tammy is rushing down the aisle.

Forbidden Fruit Mar 7, 2023

Tammy wants to come home, but a setback causes a major blowup between her and the family; when a new man enters Tammy's life, all bets are off; Amy feels the stress of motherhood; Amanda contemplates a new chapter.

Proof Is in the Pudding Feb 28, 2023

After years of struggling, Tammy finally has her weight loss surgery, but things are not as straightforward as expected; Amy meets with Dr. Procter and gets an ambitious weight loss goal.



A Lot of Cooks in the Kitchen Feb 21, 2023

Amy feels from giving birth and finding out Michael has COVID-19; after 20 years, Chris gets back on the horse; Tammy is almost at the finish line for surgery approval, but worries she won't pass her final assessments.

Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread Feb 14, 2023

Tammy struggles to cope after surviving a near-death experience; Amy realizes being an overweight mom may prove to be too much; Chris is desperate to get rid of excess skin; Amanda offloads some dead weight of her own.

Icing on the Cake Feb 7, 2023

After finding out Tammy's been robbed, Misty and Amanda visit to break the news in person; while Chris pushes ahead toward his surgery goal, Amy has a setback and is rushed to the ER; with her sisters by her side, Tammy faces the results of her weigh in.

I Don't Want to Taco Bout It Jan 31, 2023

Tammy hits a tipping point at rehab, and more bad news from back home sends her into a downward spiral; Chris gets a reality check during a check in with Dr. Smith; the family says goodbye to a beloved family member.

Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Jan 24, 2023

Tammy's seemingly good progress inspires Amy to visit, reuniting the siblings for the first time in months; Amanda begins a new chapter in her life; Amy learns she's at risk of serious complications if she doesn't get her eating under control.

The Sweet and Sour Life Jan 17, 2023

Having survived yet another brush with death, Tammy recovers at rehab, but a new scare threatens her life; the family adjusts to life without Tammy; Amy's big surprise stuns everyone.

Never Say Never Jan 31, 2022

Amy sees a pediatric dietitian and faces some difficult truths about Gage's diet. Dr. Smith makes a house call and confronts Tammy about her partying lifestyle. While on the road with Chris, Tammy's health hits a dangerous low point.

End of an Era Jan 24, 2022

Amy and Michael finally move out of the duplex, while Tammy's partying phase takes a turn for the worse. Amanda tries to get through to her sister before it's too late, and Amy's in for a rude awakening at her annual check up with Dr. Procter.

Moving Up and Partying Down Jan 17, 2022

After a rift on the family vacation, Amy returns home and drops a bomb on Tammy. While Amy focuses on her new life, Tammy makes a decision that takes her even further away from her weight-loss goals.

Smoky Mountain Meltdown Jan 10, 2022

The family vacation starts off terribly when Tammy refuses to enter the cabin; Chris hopes he's lost enough weight to fulfill a life-long dream.

A Very Slaton Vacation Jan 3, 2022

While Chris makes progress after his surgery, Tammy gets discouraging news; Amy plans a unique bash for Tammy's 35th birthday; the family excitedly plan their first vacation together with all five siblings, but concerns rise about Tammy's mobility.

The Moment of Truth Dec 27, 2021

Chris faces a weigh-in to get approved for bariatric surgery; with Tammy's weight at a standstill, Amy and Michael make a life-altering decision; the family's fears about Tammy's choice in partners are realized.

Man vs. Scale Dec 20, 2021

Tammy must see a new therapist, but things don't go the way she'd hoped. Amy wants to lose her excess skin, but she gets bad news at the plastic surgeon's office. Chris faces the scale. If he's below 400 pounds, his surgery is on.

Pushed Too Far Dec 13, 2021

After Tammy's bad doctor's appointment, Chris comes down on Amy for enabling her sister. The family worries Tammy's new boyfriend is leading her down the wrong path. Amy's idea of having a meet and greet to help Tammy has its own set of problems.

Heavy Hoarders Dec 6, 2021

When Amy tries to get her house in order, she must confront some demons from her past. Tammy admits to a few cheat days just before her first doctor's appointment since rehab. Chris steps on the scale that could change his life.

Tammy's New Squeeze Nov 29, 2021

Amy is upset that Tammy's new nurse isn't pushing her enough. Tammy has started slacking, and the family worries about what could be the cause. Chris and Tammy clash when he confronts her about the new man in her life.

Goodbye Freedom Nov 22, 2021

Tammy is back from rehab, and Amy comes to a drastic decision regarding her sister. With his bariatric surgery on the line, Chris tries to shed weight.

Welcome to Rehab Nov 15, 2021

Tammy makes a life-altering decision. Amy finally gets a taste of the life she's always wanted, and an emergency surgery has repercussions for Chris.

Do or Die Mar 8, 2021

Recovering from the coronavirus, Tammy now needs constant oxygen, and her weight spirals; Chris faces his final weigh-in; Amy makes a big decision about her future; with Tammy's romance heating up, the family takes matters into its own hands.

Labor of Love Mar 1, 2021

Amy gets unsettling news about the birth of her baby as her high-risk pregnancy has last-minute complications; with their next weigh-in ahead of them, Chris and Tammy are cautiously optimistic until Tammy steps on the scale.

Everybody Hurts Feb 22, 2021

When Tammy and Amy go see a psychic, they both get disturbing news. The family rallies together, and they are willing to try anything to help Tammy lose weight. Amy must face her worst fears when she's rushed to the ER.

Jerry Bites Back Feb 15, 2021

Amy counts down the days until her delivery with an eccentric photo shoot, while the family worries that Jerry is derailing Tammy's diet. Tammy reveals her big secret to Jerry.

There's Something About Jerry Feb 8, 2021

Tammy's boyfriend, Jerry, comes to visit just in time to celebrate the sisters' favourite holiday: Halloween. Tammy's sister Misty questions Jerry's intentions. Amy has to face another weigh-in after her concerning appointment with Dr. Procter.

Dropping Bombs Feb 1, 2021

Tammy's new doctor gives her what feels like an insurmountable weight goal, but it's not the only challenge she's facing. Amy and Michael drop a bomb that changes everything.

A Fork in the Road Jan 25, 2021

The Slatons are shocked by the cause of Amy's trip to the emergency room. Plus, Tammy must step on the scales again after a month of not sticking to her diet.

Wake-Up Call Jan 18, 2021

Tammy and Amy blame each other for their issues in therapy. When Tammy gets devastating news from Dr. Procter, her brother Chris makes a life-altering decision. A very pregnant Amy can't stop overeating, and the results are disastrous.

Tippin' the Scales Jan 11, 2021

The Slatons head back to Atlanta to see Dr. Proctor. Amy is worried about dropping the news that she got pregnant so soon after surgery, against doctor's orders. Tammy returns knowing she's gained all the weight back.

Life-Altering News Jan 4, 2021

While Amy reaps the benefits of weight-loss surgery, her sister Tammy worries that she gained weight during quarantine. A visit to urgent care gives Amy life-changing news. Tammy's family confronts her over her health.

Under the Knife Feb 5, 2020

Amy undergoes gastric bypass surgery to change her life, but endangers herself by not sticking to the post-op diet. Tammy seeks support from her love interest, Jerry. Two months later, the sisters reveal the changes they've made.

Wedding and Weigh-ins Jan 29, 2020

Amy decides to have a real wedding ceremony because if she gets approved for surgery, she's afraid she may not survive. After the wedding, the sisters head to Atlanta hoping for a life-changing final weigh-in.

A House Divided Jan 22, 2020

After a stressful first month of dieting, the sisters head back to Atlanta for their one-month check in with Dr. Procter to find out if they are on the right path to their weight goals. The results force Amy to make a difficult decision.

Breaking Point Jan 15, 2020

Amy and Tammy eagerly begin their weight loss journey. Sticking to their diets is a matter of life or death but proves to be a real struggle. The pressure to reach their goals culminates in a huge fight that threatens their diets and relationship.

1,000 Pounds to Freedom Jan 8, 2020

Amy and Tammy go to Atlanta to meet Dr. Procter to discuss weight loss surgery. When they arrive, Dr. Procter gives Tammy a hefty weight loss goal before he will approve her for surgery, meanwhile the Dietician has more bad news for Amy.

Meet the Slaton Sisters Jan 1, 2020

The Slaton's are larger-than-life sisters who have always relied on each other and food for support. Amy, age 31, is desperate to have children, but hasn't been able to due to her weight. While Tammy, age 32, is one step away from being bedridden.

A Taste of Season 1 Dec 28, 2020

Sisters Amy and Tammy must lose weight to qualify for bariatric surgery.