$50K Three Ways Season 2 is yet to be announced by HGTV

Status: not renewed yet
Station: HGTV
Latest Episode: 7/13/2021
Official site: www.hgtv.com

Interior designer Tiffany Brooks presents homeowners with three wildly different design plans for three completely different spaces within their homes, and she helps them choose which proposal works best for their family.

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  • Season 1
Name Air Dates
Modern Industrial Makeover Jul 13, 2021

A couple's funky tri-level has yet to hit its full potential, and while they are both craving WOW factor, they aren't sure where to start. Tiffany urges these homeowners to go bold, but the final product may push them too far out of their comfort zone.

1st + Forever Home Jul 6, 2021

Between a backyard with no privacy, a tiny home office and a dated kitchen, two homeowners have their pick of which rooms to renovate in their first and forever home. Given the house's age and condition, Tiffany will have to work to keep them on budget.

Time Warp Reno Jun 29, 2021

From a batting cage basement to a main bedroom suite stuck in the '80s, this family's home has problems on literally every level. Tiffany is ready to get this house in line, but a slew of unforeseen hiccups immediately starts to eat away at their budget.

Marriage of Styles Jun 22, 2021

A couple is ready to update their family home, but between a boxed-in kitchen, an extra visible bathroom sink and a block-off entryway, they aren't sure where to start. On top of all that, their differing styles make this Tiffany's toughest challenge yet!

Fifty Shades of Bland Jun 15, 2021

A family of five thought they would grow into their home, but now they're desperate to fix its unsuitable layout. Mom enjoys taking design risks, Dad likes everything gray and Tiffany aims to make use of their extra space with a design everyone will love.

Modern Revival May 24, 2021

A couple bought their quaint Tudor-style home with grand visions to renovate, but a growing family put their plans on hold. With their house bursting at the seams, Tiffany's design aims to create a better flow and find more space for this family of five.

Demo Disaster May 18, 2021

A couple's historic home is full of character, but between the boxy living areas and four people sharing one bathroom, the layout falls short for a modern family. Tiffany's stunning renovation designs have the power to change their lives for the better.

House of Dreams May 10, 2021

A couple who almost has it all is looking to renovate their home with a serious style update. Between pet-damaged walls, outdated floor plans and unfinished spaces, Tiffany Brooks is brimming with ideas to give this family the home of their dreams.

Double Trouble May 3, 2021

Tiffany Brooks faces double the design challenge when transforming not one, but two homes! She tackles a property bursting with potential and orange oak before turning her attention to a couple who only use their living room to access the front door.

Breaking Bland Apr 26, 2021

A couple's beautiful Craftsman house in Chicago is so crammed with kids' toys they can barely move. After being too overwhelmed to even hang up art, Tiffany Brooks shows them how to break their style paralysis with three life-changing renovation options.

Forever Farmhouse Apr 26, 2021

A couple has saved $50,000 to renovate their dated home, and while they agree now is the time to do it, what exactly to renovate is up for debate! Tiffany presents them with three different ways to spend their dollars and secure their forever farmhouse.