Addiction Unplugged Season 2 is yet to be announced by A&E

Genres: Adult, Medical
Status: not renewed yet
Station: A&E
Latest Episode: 9/14/2019

Addiction Unplugged travels across the country taking a compelling look inside the world of addiction and recovery in the midst of the worst opioid epidemic in US history.

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Addiction in the Inner City Sep 14, 2019

Addiction Unplugged examines addiction within inner cities with visits to the South Side of Chicago and the Overtown section of Miami. We found many concerned and upstanding people that are trying to bring light to traditionally forgotten citizens. We also visit the youth center founded by Hall of Fame NBA superstar Alonzo Mourning that he believes is the model to "break the unfortunate cycle".

Adventure Therapy - The Jayson Williams Story Sep 14, 2019

In the episode hosted by Jayson Williams' Rebound Program at Futures Recovery Healthcare, Addiction Unplugged features the controversial former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams. After getting sober with the help of friends, Jayson created an outside of the box recovery method based on high-octane adventure therapy so he and his new teammates can bring the gift of sobriety to others.

First Responders Sep 7, 2019

Hosted by Bella Monte Recovery Center in Palm Springs, Addiction Unplugged goes inside police stations and firehouses to visit first responders and discuss experiences and emotional stress that comes with a job that requires putting these heroes in harm's way to keep the public safe. Sometimes heroes needs heroes to help them deal with the danger of addiction.

A Second Chance Sep 7, 2019

Addiction Unplugged goes to Minnesota to explore the incredible "second chance" story of Mike Lindell, the creator and founder of My Pillow and chronicles how he emerged from decades of drug addiction to create fame and fortune and, more importantly, a platform to give people in recovery their "second chances" with meaningful employment and a caring, family-like work environment.

Motherhood and Addiction Aug 31, 2019

Addiction Unplugged visits Lancaster, Pennsylvania and host Retreat Behavioral Health to explore Motherhood and Addiction. The Retreat earned a celebrated history of helping expectant mothers beat their addiction and go on to lead a healthy life with all of the joys of motherhood.

Addiction in the LGBTQ Community Aug 31, 2019

In the LGBTQ community, where oppression, repression of true feelings and lack of acceptance from family and friends are often unfortunate facts of life, the rates of addiction are incredibly high. On this episode hosted by Recovery at Wildwood Farm, we profile this Connecticut farm that has become a safe haven for the LGBTQ community and focuses on the challenges of addiction and treats the crisis in a new way.

A Father's Request Aug 24, 2019

Hosted by CEO Roger Krone of Leidos (LDOS), prominent figures in the business community, drug prevention and education organizations and medical community have come together to battle the opioid crisis. This episode chronicles the compelling steps of how one Leidos corporate employee, who tragically lost his son to addiction, bared his grief in a company-wide email that kicked off a national movement.

Music & Recovery Aug 24, 2019

Music and addiction have been linked for generations, as many of the most beloved artists have fallen victim to struggles with drugs. Addiction Unplugged visits Recovery Unpluggedof Austin Texas, in the live music capital of the world, as they attempt to flip the script and utilize music, community resources and science to show how the power of music can be used to heal.

The Wounds of War Aug 17, 2019

For many US military veterans, the battles and horrors of war don't end upon their returns home. Faced with PTSD, physical wounds and memories of those lost forces many to turn to numbing the pain with drugs and alcohol. In this episode hosted by Riverside Recovery of Tampa, we shine a light on those military heroes who have taken steps to overcome their own war wounds using unique therapies and have set their sights on helping other warriors and civilians battling addiction and PTSD.

Ground Zero of the Crisis Aug 17, 2019

We examine the catastrophic relevance of how the unfettered prescribing of pain medications, the strategic positioning of Ohio and the massive influx of black tar heroin that became the catalyst of the worst drug epidemic in US history. More importantly, we get up and cheer as we expose inspirational stories, highlight local heroes who fight for others after losing everything and we take a compelling look at communities that have bonded together and stood strong during one of the nation's most vicious assaults.