American Justice Season 17 is yet to be announced by A&E

Genres: Crime
Status: not renewed yet
Station: A&E
Latest Episode: 9/30/2022
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A look at groundbreaking criminal cases, presenting viewers with an inside look at the case through the eyes of those directly involved, ranging from law enforcement officers to the victims.

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"American Justice" - A Riveting Tale of Crime and Redemption

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the dark underbelly of the American justice system with the captivating TV series, "American Justice." This gripping show brings to life some of the most notorious criminal cases from the past, showcasing the intricacies of the legal process and the tireless efforts of those seeking justice. From heart-pounding courtroom dramas to intense investigations, "American Justice" takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, leaving them craving for more. So, grab your popcorn and settle in for an electrifying binge-watch experience like no other!

Seeking the Truth: Unraveling Complex Criminal Cases

"American Justice" delves deep into the complexities of criminal investigations, presenting viewers with intriguing puzzles that demand their attention. Each episode follows skilled detectives, forensic experts, and lawyers as they meticulously piece together evidence, unraveling the convoluted web of lies surrounding heinous crimes. From serial killers to high-profile scandals, the show sheds light on the challenges faced by those fighting for justice. With unexpected plot twists and mind-boggling revelations, "American Justice" keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next shocking revelation.

From the Courtroom to the Living Room: Captivating Legal Dramas

At the heart of "American Justice" lies the courtroom, where the battle between the prosecution and defense unfolds. With brilliant performances from talented actors, the show brings to life intense legal dramas that grip viewers from the moment the gavel strikes. Through clever writing and intricate character development, "American Justice" effortlessly conveys the moral dilemmas faced by lawyers and judges, blurring the lines between right and wrong. As witnesses testify, arguments are made, and justice is debated, the viewers become active participants in the gripping trials, rooting for the truth to prevail.

A Must-Watch for True Crime Enthusiasts

In a world saturated with crime dramas, "American Justice" stands out as a true gem. Its unique blend of captivating storytelling, thrilling investigations, and compelling courtroom dramas make it a must-watch for true crime enthusiasts. Whether you're fascinated by the minds of criminals, intrigued by the inner workings of the justice system, or simply seeking an adrenaline rush, this series has something for everyone. So, grab your remote, dim the lights, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the twists and turns of the American justice system – you won't be disappointed!


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Name Air Dates
Hiding in Plain Sight Sep 30, 2022

A relentless detective leaves no stone unturned until the entire truth behind a young woman's brutal death is exposed and everyone responsible for taking her life is brought to justice.

A Deadly Con Sep 24, 2022

When an Ohio man emerges from a remote forest with a bullet lodged in his arm having survived a murder attempt, investigators uncover a deadly scheme to lure men with an online job posting only to kill them for financial gain.

Sleeping With the Enemy Sep 17, 2022

When an Army Sergeant is gunned down at home on New Year's Eve, investigators are at a loss on who would harm the beloved family man, until fellow soldiers in his unit confess shocking secrets to solve his murder.

Strangers Online Sep 10, 2022

When a 13-year-old girl goes missing and is found murdered, virtual evidence she leaves behind leads to two shocking arrests.

The Enemy Within Sep 3, 2022

After a woman is found stabbed to death in her home, investigators spend eight years trying to locate her killer, and by using an undercover sting operation, they discover a dark world filled with lies, betrayal and terror.

Internal Affairs Aug 27, 2022

When a local deputy sheriff's pregnant daughter is shot and killed in her bed, the search for answers gets personal as investigators suspect a killer close to home.

Justice for April Aug 27, 2022

A child murderer brutally kills a young girl in the woods, which leaves small-town detectives scared of what may follow, so they take advantage of a chance encounter and a digital trail to locate and apprehend the killer.

A Dangerous Calling Aug 20, 2022

When an up-and-coming defense attorney is murdered in her office, her colleagues vow to seek justice and "make this right."

The Monster in Muskegon Aug 20, 2022

A third victim bravely unveils a killer hiding in plain sight, which finally helps solve two cases involving the murders of abducted women.

A Tragic Night in Dallas May 13, 2022

When a white off-duty police officer, Amber Guyger, kills an unarmed black man, Botham Jean, in his own home in Dallas, racial tensions and calls for justice rise.

Bad Blood May 6, 2022

A triple-homicide case heads to trial and raises questions about witchcraft, religious bias, and the criminal's actual motive to kill.

A Family Vanished Apr 29, 2022

After a devoted mother and her two children vanish suddenly, investigators work to expose the truth behind why they never came home.

In the Company of a Killer Apr 22, 2022

Prosecutors attempt to persuade a jury to send a man to prison based solely on circumstantial evidence after a woman is found brutally murdered in her workplace with a lack of DNA evidence and a long list of potential suspects.

Judge, Jury and Executioner Apr 15, 2022

A string of murders targeting prominent law officials leaves a small Texas town gripped in fear and investigators in a race against time to stop the killer before he kills again.

Money, Lies and Murder Apr 8, 2022

Model and mother Samira Frasch loved the spotlight, but when her glamorous life ends unexpectedly in her mansion pool, investigators turn their eyes toward the web of heated relationships surrounding her family.

Loved to Death Apr 1, 2022

When a hostile online feud turns deadly, detectives' hunt for a mysterious CIA operative leading to the discovery of a jaw-dropping and vengeful catfishing scheme.

Fame, Football, Fatality Mar 25, 2022

In a murder case that makes headlines around the globe, a professional football player stands accused of killing his friend in cold blood.

Killer Catfish Sep 24, 2021

After a single mother mysteriously disappears, her loved ones receive strange texts from her, which seem to suggest that she is alive and well, and before the police can determine the truth behind the situation, one woman is found dead

Death By Text Sep 17, 2021

When 18-year-old Conrad Roy is found asphyxiated in his pickup truck, his death is quickly ruled a suicide. But as detectives retrace Conrad's final moments, a trail of texts left behind on his cellphone reveal a toxic teenage romance between him and 17-year-old Michelle Carter, turning the investigation upside down. But in an unprecedented case, in which Michelle stands accused of Conrad's murder and prosecutors allege that her words were deadly weapons, there is no state law to lean on. Up against 317 pages of damning text messages, the defense must rely on an unusual defense to convince the judge of Michelle's innocence.

The Bad Doctor Sep 10, 2021

On the outside, veterinarian Valerie McDaniel and her boyfriend Leon Jacob look like they have it all. But in February 2014, Houston police receive a tip from a conscientious bail bondsman that a murder-for-hire plot is in the works and a woman's life may be in danger. What ensues is a high-pressure police sting operation, the performance of an investigator's career, a staged kidnapping, and a shocking suicide that leads to an explosive trial in which the defendant's own words come back to haunt him. Features interviews with the bail bondsmen who tipped off police, the cop who went undercover to protect the lives of the intended victims, as well as prosecutors and defense attorneys and actual footage from the undercover sting operation.

Shots Fired Sep 3, 2021

On October 20, 2014, white Chicago PD Officer Jason Van Dyke fatally shoots 17-year-old African American Laquan McDonald in an act that he and the Chicago PD called "self-defense". However, when freelance journalist Jamie Kalven gets word from a source that there is more to the story, his search for the truth uncovers a disturbing cover-up. Through his efforts, as well as the efforts of fellow journalists and activists, officials are finally forced to release the police dash cam footage from that fateful night. Public uproar results in Officer Van Dyke's arrest on first-degree murder charges, and in the midst of a media circus, the case goes to trial.

Poisonous Hearts Aug 27, 2021

On July 20, 2015, beloved 60-year-old chiropractor Mary Yoder falls violently ill and is rushed to the hospital. Two days later, she dies, leaving her family and friends in a state of stunned disbelief. When Mary's autopsy report reveals she didn't die of natural causes, and police receive a series of suspicious letters, they realize they've got a murder on their hands. Their ensuing investigation leads to allegations of an eyebrow-raising affair, a suspicious letter, and a surprise arrest. And while Mary's accused killer maintains her innocence, it takes two different trials to determine her fate. In-depth insights from the prosecutor detail how an investigation into an unusual death turned into a murder case, and how digital forensic evidence tied the suspect to the crime.

Friends Til the End Aug 20, 2021

When 19-year-old aspiring artist Sarah Stern goes missing just weeks before Christmas 2016, investigators initially suspect she may have died by suicide or run away from home. Then, in January 2017, one of Sarah's former high school classmates comes forward with chilling information that leads to an undercover police sting and the shocking arrests of two very familiar faces. Armed with a bombshell, caught-on-tape confession from one of the suspects and the damning testimony of the other, Monmouth County, New Jersey prosecutors face the uphill task of trying to secure a murder conviction without a body for only the second time in the state's history. Features interviews include Sarah's father, detectives and prosecutors, along with complete access to archival materials detailing the search and the undercover sting operation.

Palm Beach Law Dec 10, 2005
Lies of a Friend Oct 1, 2005
Blood on the Staircase Sep 10, 2005
The Deer Hunting Murder Aug 20, 2005
Hamptons Murder Mystery Aug 13, 2005
The Brothers Kimble Jul 23, 2005
The Bridge Murders Jun 9, 2005

Tom Cummins and his two cousins Julie and Robin Kerry were out for a night of fun. By morning, the two girls had been raped and pushed to their deaths from the Chain of Rocks bridge in St. Louis. Tom blamed four mysterious attackers, but police had a very different theory.

A Confession in Question Jun 15, 2005
Bad Medicine May 26, 2005
What Happened to Carrie Culberson? May 25, 2005
Murder in the Court Apr 27, 2005
The Brit and the Bodybuilder Apr 6, 2005
Countdown to an Execution Mar 16, 2005
A Warrant to Kill Feb 16, 2005
The Scott Peterson Trial Jan 26, 2005
The Perfect Wife Dec 29, 2004
Accused in Appalachia Dec 22, 2004

In the tiny town of Exeter, Va. in 1993, Merry Pease claims that her husband Dennis had shot her before he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. However, investigators don't agree with Merry's story and she is charged with murder. American Justice looks at this case and why it spent 10 years in the Virginia legal system before Pease was finally convicted.

The Wrath of Mrs. Jones Dec 8, 2004
Serial Wife Dec 1, 2004
Love Triangle Nov 24, 2004

The story of Michigan lawyer Michael Fletcher, who was charged with murdering his pregnant wife, Leann, so he could carry on an affair with a high-ranking judge. The highly publicized trial, with its tales of sex, guns, and politics involving the very people who uphold American Justice, shocked the public right down to the verdict.

Who Whacked Zack Nov 17, 2004

Jeff Zack is shot dead at a gas station in broad daylight, execution style. There are no fingerprints, no weapon, and no witnesses that could even come close to identifying the assailant. When police begin to dig into the victim's background, they find a long laundry list of enemies and criminal behavior, including involvement in a teen prostitution ring.

The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession Nov 10, 2004

The case of Susan Smith who murdered her two young boys is examined. In 1994 the 23 year old mother from South Carolina claimed that she had been the victim of a carjacking and the perpetrator had taken off with her two young boys still in the car. It is later discovered that there was no carjacking and that she had in fact rolled her car into a lake while her children were still strapped in the car.

A Model Murder Nov 3, 2004

The 1995 murder of former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader Linda Sobek by photographer Charles Rathbun is recalled.

Daughter Dearest Oct 27, 2004

A look at the shocking case of 15-year-old Valessa Robinson, who was accused of killing her mother Vicki after she objected to Valessa's wild lifestyle of drugs and sex. We examine the relationship between the mother and daughter to determine how and why a young girl could take part in her own mother's brutal death.

The Bully of Toulon Oct 20, 2004
Gangbusters Al Capone Oct 9, 2004
The Doctor's Wife Sep 29, 2004
Double Life, Double Murder Sep 22, 2004

In November 1995, close friends Halima Jones and Ruby Joyner went out shopping together in Peachtree City, Georgia, but never came home. An all-out manhunt was launched, and four days later, an abandoned mini-van was found in the long-term parking lot at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, with the dead bodies of Halima and Ruby inside.

Child's Play, Deadly Play Aug 18, 2004

Lionel Tate was a 170-pound, 12-year-old boy who played rough one day with his friend, 48-pound, 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick. When Tiffany died from injuries, Lionel claimed that he only used wrestling holds that he'd seen on TV. But prosecutors charged Lionel with first-degree murder. Would the jury believe that Tiffany died of innocent child's play--or would they put Lionel behind bars? Interviewees include defense attorney James Lewis, who used the controversial "wrestling defense" strategy

Murder in Paradise Aug 4, 2004
Murder and Mrs. B. Jul 21, 2004
The Black Widower Jul 14, 2004
Stacey's Story Jul 7, 2004
Thrill Killers Jun 23, 2004
Under Suspicion: The Case of Catherine Shelton Jun 9, 2004
Sins of a Priest: The John Geoghan Story May 26, 2004
Blood Relations May 12, 2004
A Soldier's Secret May 5, 2004
The Excedrin Killings Apr 21, 2004
Traces in Blood Apr 7, 2004
Playing with Fire Mar 17, 2004
The Happy Face Killer Mar 10, 2004
Murder by Mercedes Feb 18, 2004
Case of Robert Blake Feb 4, 2004
A Deadly Dose Jan 7, 2004
Another Man's Crime Dec 24, 2003

When an innocent Rhode Island police officer was convicted of murder, he had no idea that his salvation would lie, not in DNA or the court system, but in the conscience of a man he'd never met.

What the Girl Saw Dec 10, 2003

A man is imprisoned for rape and murder based on the testimony of a 6-year-old girl.

For Love or Money Dec 10, 2003
Murder on the Boardwalk Nov 26, 2003
Blood Brothers: The Derek and Alex King Case Nov 12, 2003

The shocking story of how two young boys were led to kill their father, and the unique way that the State of Florida delivered justice in the case.

The Yosemite Killer Oct 29, 2003
Mistaken Identity Oct 8, 2003
The Wells Fargo Heist Sep 24, 2003
Shots in the Dark Sep 10, 2003
Don't Mess with Texas Aug 27, 2003
Mystery at Sea Aug 13, 2003
The San Francisco Dog Mauling Aug 6, 2003

A look at the sensational case of Diane Whipple, who was mauled to death by her neighbors' dog. When the judge threw out the 2nd-degree murder conviction of one of the dogs' owners, questions were raised about how fair American justice can be when a case receives intense media coverage.

Murder Online Jul 23, 2003
The Central Park Jogger Case: What Went Wrong? Jul 16, 2003
The Corcoran Eight Jun 11, 2003
Mail Order Murder Jun 4, 2003
Death of a Bride May 28, 2003
Shamed Into Confession Apr 23, 2003
The Story of Al Capone Apr 13, 2003
To Save Their Souls Apr 2, 2003
A Murder Before Homecoming Mar 19, 2003

The small town of Waurika, Okla. is rocked by the sexual assault and murder of a 16 year old girl at the hands of three of her acquaintances. American Justice examines the case with interviews from her mother and one of the accused.

A Questionable Doctor Mar 5, 2003
A Mother's Betrayal Jan 29, 2003

Kathleen Bush earned the nation's sympathy and admiration as she struggled to care for her grievously sick child. 8 year-old Jennifer was afflicted, her mother claimed, with a variety of complaints, including a rare intestinal condition that had required over 200 hospital stays and nearly 40 surgeries.

The Andrea Yates Story Jan 15, 2003
Who Killed Hannah Hill? Jan 8, 2003
Justifiable Homicide? Dec 4, 2002

Recalling the case of Thurman Martin, who was murdered in 1997 by his two relatives, who claimed the crime was commited as revenge for years of abuse

In the Hands of a Child Oct 30, 2002
The Black Widow of Vegas Oct 16, 2002
Crib Death Sep 25, 2002
Vanished Sep 4, 2002
We, the Jury: 10th Anniversary Show Aug 7, 2002
The Monster Inside Jul 31, 2002
While the Children Slept Jul 10, 2002

Tim Boczkowski is accused of murdering his first wife in a bathtub and his second wife in a hot tub. Included in this episode are interviews with Tim's children Randy, Sandy, and Todd.

The Witness and the Hitman Jun 19, 2002
Suicide by Execution Jun 12, 2002
Brutal Revenge Jun 5, 2002
An Execution in Doubt Apr 24, 2002
The Cult Murders Apr 3, 2002
Who is the Lipstick Killer? Mar 20, 2002

The controversial case of William Heirens, the "Lipstick Killer" convicted of murdering two women and a 6-year-old girl in Chicago in the late 1940s. He's been jailed ever since, but insists that he's innocent. We'll explore the troubling case, from the near-hysteria of the media coverage to the inconsistencies in the physical evidence used to wring a confession from Heirens.

Driven to Kill Mar 6, 2002
The Girl in the Box Feb 6, 2002
A Mother's Story of Murder Jan 9, 2002
Millions of Reasons to Kill Jan 2, 2002
Death in a Small Town Dec 19, 2001
Eliminating the Competition Dec 12, 2001
The Disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair Nov 28, 2001
Like Mother, Like Son: Sante and Kenny Kimes Nov 14, 2001
Conspiracy to Kill: The Rae Carruth Story Oct 17, 2001
The Boy Who Saw Too Much Oct 10, 2001

An 8 year old boy was brutally killed in order to hide his testimony for witnessing murder.

Marijuana and Murder Sep 19, 2001
The City-Killer Gangs Sep 9, 2001
Shattered Innocence: The Fells Acres Abuse Case Aug 8, 2001
Raised on Hate Aug 8, 2001
Shotgun Justice Jul 25, 2001

Examining the case of Michael Pardue, convicted of 3 murders in 1973 Alabama.

Sir Harry Oakes & the Bahamas Murder Mystery Jul 22, 2001
Lying Eyes Jun 20, 2001
A Son's Confession Jun 6, 2001
Matthew Shepard May 23, 2001
Dealing with the Devil Apr 25, 2001

While in the government witness protection program in 1981, Marion "Mad Dog" Pruett goes on a crime spree across several states. AKA Sonny Pearson while in the witness protection program he committed a series of robberies and at least five murders that included his wife Pamela Sue Barker. American Justice looks this case and examines how many blamed the government for allowing this to happen while on their watch.

Who Wants to Kill a Millionaire? Apr 11, 2001
The Erin Brockovich Story Mar 14, 2001
The Atlanta Child Murders Mar 7, 2001
William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw Mar 4, 2001
Mother on Death Row Feb 21, 2001
Hiding in Plain Sight: Tales of a Fugitive Jan 31, 2001
A Family Secret: The Death of Lisa Steinberg Dec 19, 2000

An in-depth account of the horrifying case of child abuse that stunned the nation. Attorney Joel Steinberg was convicted of manslaughter in the death of "adopted" daughter Lisa after charges were dropped against Lisa's adoptive mother, Hedda Nussbaum, who claimed that Steinberg had also abused her. Includes an interview with Nussbaum, plus a detailed look at the family's dysfunctional life.

Dr. Buck Ruxton Dec 10, 2000
Dangerous Medicine Nov 28, 2000
Murder on a Reservation Oct 17, 2000
DeFeo and Benson: Inheritance Killers Oct 1, 2000
The California Killing Field Sep 20, 2000
Free to Murder Again Aug 16, 2000

The notorious case of Kenneth McDuff, the most infamous sexual predator in Texas history, who was sent to death row for three murders, released because of prison overcrowding, and then raped and killed two more women.

When a Child Kills Aug 9, 2000
The Wife Who Knew Too Much Jul 5, 2000

Story of high-profile Atlanta lawyer, Fred Tokars, who hired a gunman to murder his wife in front of their two young children.

Kill Thy Neighbor Jun 21, 2000

A female detective, working undercover, gathers the evidence needed to convict a man who killed a neighbor by putting poison in her Coca-Cola.

Donald Hume Jun 11, 2000
The Killer Within Jun 7, 2000
Oil, Money and Murder May 24, 2000
Deadly Magnolia: Patricia Allanson May 10, 2000

Behind the facade of a quintessential perfect Southern Belle beats the heart of a killer--and she is on the loose. Newlyweds Tom and Patricia Allanson seemed to have a bright future ahead of them. But just months after their 1974 wedding, Tom's parents were found murdered in their home, the first chapter in the dark saga of the DEADLY MAGNOLIA.

The Trial of Louise Woodward Apr 19, 2000
Dancing, Drugs and Murder Apr 12, 2000
The Life and Death of Teena Brandon Mar 29, 2000
Murder in a College Town Mar 22, 2000
Getting Away with Murder Mar 15, 2000

In 1988 Mel Ignatow committed a cruel and sadistic torture-murder in Louisville, KY. And he got away with it thanks to the "Double Jeopardy" law.

Gainesville Murderer Feb 23, 2000
Death Row Radical: Mumia Abu-Jamal Feb 23, 2000
Dr. John Bodkin Adams Feb 20, 2000
A Parent's Nightmare Feb 2, 2000
Roy Fontaine: Deadly Butler Jan 16, 2000
Blueprint for a Murder Jan 5, 2000
Payback for a Bully Dec 8, 1999

The story of the murder of Bobby Kent, a seemingly popular student and ideal son who was lured to a remote area by seven of his friends and murdered. The killers claimed that Bobby had been a ruthless bully who had beaten and tormented them.

Sister Against Sister: The Twin Murder Plot Nov 24, 1999
Donald Merrett: The Murderous Buccaneer Nov 7, 1999
Vigilante Dad Nov 3, 1999
It's Not My Fault: Strange Defenses Oct 27, 1999

It is the attorney's job to create a defense strategy for their client; it is the judge's place to decide whether or not it is a worthy argument. Over the years, some truly unusual defenses have been put forth by innovative lawyers; some have carried the day. Alan Dershowitz, famed trial attorney and author of Abuse Excuses, leads us through three cases that illustrate the bizarre extremes and potential traps of STRANGE DEFENSES.

Duty, Honor...and Murder Oct 6, 1999

David Graham and Diane Zamora were two teenagers who were intensely devoted to each other during high school and had both joined the U.S Naval Academy in Annapolis. While at the academy, Diane confides in roommates that her and David had murdered Adrianne Jones while they were in high school in Mansfield, TX.

Rape in Connecticut: The Alex Kelly Story Sep 29, 1999
Drowning in Lies: The Trial of Edward Post Sep 22, 1999
Jonesboro Schoolyard Ambush Sep 1, 1999
Till Death Do Us Part: The Barbara Stager Story Aug 25, 1999
Lethal Injection: The Hospital Murders Aug 11, 1999
Who Killed the Candy Heiress? The Helen Brach Story Aug 4, 1999
Justice Denied: The Wrong Place, the Wrong Time Jul 21, 1999
Body of Evidence: The Tom Capano Trial Jul 7, 1999
The Perfect Murder: The Shannon Mohr Story Jun 30, 1999
Justice Denied: Trial and Error Jun 16, 1999
Justice Denied: The Hurricane Carter Story Jun 14, 1999
Graham Young: Compulsive Poisoner Jun 6, 1999
Butch Defeo Jun 6, 1999
Henry Lee Lucas May 23, 1999
Ma Barker and Other Public Enemies May 9, 1999
John Duffy: Railway Killer May 9, 1999
A Murder in Greenwich: The Martha Moxley Case Apr 21, 1999

A bludgeoning kills a Connecticut girl; suspects include Kennedy nephews.

Judge Joe Peel Apr 11, 1999
Gaston Dominici and the Drummond Murders Apr 4, 1999
A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story Mar 24, 1999

Elisabeth Anne "Betty" Broderick (born November 7, 1947) is an American former suburban housewife convicted of the November 5, 1989 murders of her ex-husband, Daniel T. Broderick III, and his second wife, Linda (Kolkena) Broderick.

Gary Heidnik and Jeffrey Dahmer Mar 7, 1999
Body in the Trunk Murders Mar 7, 1999
Leonard Lake and Charles Ng Feb 21, 1999
Leopold and Loeb Feb 21, 1999
A Teenage Murder Mystery Feb 20, 1999
Mark Chapman Feb 7, 1999
The Larry Flynt Story: Hustling the First Amendment Jan 20, 1999
The Sinatra Kidnapping Jan 5, 1999
A Civil Action Dec 30, 1998
Fall From Grace Dec 23, 1998
Selena: Murder of a Star Dec 2, 1998
Death Row Prostitute: Aileen Wuornos Nov 18, 1998
High Crimes and Misdemeanors Oct 28, 1998
Heidi Fleiss Oct 19, 1998
Green Beret Murder Mystery Oct 14, 1998
Hunt for the Unabomber Oct 7, 1998
Marriage and Murder Aug 12, 1998
Charles Whitman: Austin Sniper Aug 2, 1998
Hunting Bambi: The Laurie Bembenek Story Jul 8, 1998
Dead Woman Walking: The Karla Faye Tucker Story Jul 1, 1998
Framed May 27, 1998
Spree Killers May 6, 1998
False Witness Apr 22, 1998
L.A. Mob Mar 11, 1998
The John Lennon Assassination Feb 25, 1998
Pizza Connection Jan 28, 1998
Most Wanted Jan 7, 1998
Murder 'In Cold Blood' Dec 17, 1997
The Donnie Brasco Story Nov 26, 1997
Preppie Murder Nov 19, 1997
Texas Cheerleader Murder Plot Oct 22, 1997
Von Bulow: A Wealth of Evidence Sep 17, 1997

Did snooty, aristocratic Claus von Bulow attempt to murder his wife? We'll explore the explosive case, which went to trial three times. Von Bulow lawyer Alan Dershowitz and prosecutor Stephen Famiglietti are interviewed.

Scarsdale Diet Doctor Murder Sep 3, 1997
Crime Family Aug 13, 1997
Great Train Robbery Jun 29, 1997
Rise and Fall of the Jewish Mobster May 28, 1997
Profilers May 21, 1997

Bill Kurtis hosts this focus on the investigative tool known as "profiling". Several cases are discussed here.

Presumed Guilty May 21, 1997
Roberts, Witney and Duddy Apr 27, 1997
Amy Fisher Story Mar 23, 1997
Eyewitness Jan 29, 1997

American Justice examines cases where eyewitness accounts can sometimes lead to innocent people being wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. Detailed are some of the reasons why eyewitness testimony is not always reliable.

Narcs Jan 22, 1997
The Yorkshire Ripper Jan 19, 1997
Mafia Story Dec 8, 1996
The Defenders Dec 4, 1996
Neville Heath: The Lady Killer Nov 24, 1996
Death Row Women Nov 20, 1996
The Massacre of the Tsar Nov 17, 1996
Free to Kill: The Polly Klaas Murder Oct 23, 1996
The McKay Kidnapping Oct 20, 1996
The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa Oct 6, 1996
To Catch a Killer: Homicide Detectives Oct 2, 1996
James Hanratty Sep 29, 1996
I Confess Sep 25, 1996
Hammersmith Murders Sep 22, 1996
Menendez Murders Sep 4, 1996
Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker Sep 1, 1996
Bamber Family Murder Aug 25, 1996
Mob Hit Men Aug 21, 1996
Dennis Nilsen: The Kindly Killer Aug 18, 1996
Hot Pursuit Jul 17, 1996
When Cops Kill Jun 19, 1996
John Wayne Gacy: Buried Secrets Jun 5, 1996
Crime of Passion: The Pamela Smart Story May 25, 1996
Bounty Hunters May 11, 1996
Long Island Railroad Massacre Apr 24, 1996
Vegas and the Mob Apr 10, 1996
Murder in the Family Mar 6, 1996
The Sam Sheppard Story Feb 15, 1996
Chicago Mob Feb 7, 1996
Cop Killers Jan 17, 1996

A special place in history is reserved for those that murder policemen. They are hunted and remembered by fellow officers. Their deeds often merit stiffer penalties and unforgiving jurors. A&E explores the most notorious of this lot in the one-hour American Justice

Why O.J. Simpson Won Dec 23, 1995
Deadly Force Dec 13, 1995
Bombers Nov 8, 1995
LAPD Oct 25, 1995
Assassins Oct 11, 1995
Jailhouse Lawyers Sep 20, 1995
Baby Snatchers Sep 13, 1995
Undercover Infiltrators Sep 6, 1995
Stalkers: Deadly Obsession Aug 16, 1995
Military Justice Aug 9, 1995
Cruel and Unusual Jul 5, 1995
Hired Guns Jun 28, 1995
Autopsy Jun 14, 1995
Lights! Camera! Courtroom! May 24, 1995
Mob Ladies May 10, 1995

Women and organized crime; Virginia Hill and Bugsy Siegel; Arlyne Weiss Brickman; Marianne DelGiorno; Antoinette Giancana.

Kidnapped Apr 4, 1995

A look at the growing crime of kidnapping. Focuses on the cases of biathlete Kari Swenson in Montana and Exxon executive Sidney Reso in New Jersey, and examines just how effective law enforcement authorities are in investigating and negotiating tense kidnap situations.

Witness Protection Mar 29, 1995
Defending the Mob Mar 15, 1995

Intriguing profile of men who use the law to defend the kingpins of organized crime. Includes a look at the career of Frank Ragano, attorney to Florida mob boss Santo Trafficante and corrupt Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa.

Spies: Betraying a Nation Feb 25, 1995
Celebrities on Trial Feb 8, 1995
Godfathers vs. the Law Jan 11, 1995
Quiz Show Scandals and Other Frauds Jan 3, 1995
Divorce Wars Dec 14, 1994
Riots: The Chicago Conspiracy Trial Nov 30, 1994
The Sting Nov 23, 1994
Prostitution, Sex and the Law Oct 19, 1994
Private Eyes Sep 21, 1994
The Attica Riot: Chaos Behind Bars Sep 14, 1994
Gangbusters Sep 7, 1994
Sex, Lies and Harassment Aug 17, 1994
Attack at Waco Aug 3, 1994
Reginald Denny: Jury Under Siege Jul 13, 1994
Jim Bakker: Crime in the Name of God Jun 15, 1994
Fighting Words: The First Amendment Jun 1, 1994
Cops on Trial May 18, 1994
Pleading Insane May 4, 1994
Lorena Bobbitt: Women and Violence Apr 13, 1994
Satan: Rituals and Abuse Apr 6, 1994
War Crimes Mar 30, 1994
Mob Rats Mar 2, 1994
Juvenile Justice Feb 23, 1994
Death Penalty Feb 9, 1994
Fugitives Feb 2, 1994
Great Brinks Heist Jan 26, 1994
The Wrong Man Jan 19, 1994
Hostage Takers Jan 12, 1994
Mass Murder: An American Tragedy Jan 5, 1994
Vigilante Justice Dec 29, 1993
KKK: Hate Crimes in America Dec 15, 1993
Alcatraz: Escaping America's Toughest Prison Dec 1, 1993
Fire Starters Nov 24, 1993
The Rosenbergs Nov 17, 1993
Jeffrey Dahmer: Mystery of a Serial Killer Nov 10, 1993
Rape on Trial Nov 3, 1993
Mobfathers, Part 3 Oct 27, 1993
Mobfathers, Part 2 Oct 20, 1993
Mobfathers, Part 1 Oct 13, 1993
Target: Mafia (Empire of Crime) Oct 6, 1993
Target: Mafia (Gangbusters) Sep 29, 1993
Target: Mafia (The Kennedys and the Mob) Sep 22, 1993
Target: Mafia (Birth of the American Mafia) Sep 15, 1993
Target: Mafia (The Prohibition Years) Sep 8, 1993
Bonnie and Clyde Sep 1, 1993
Mafia Wars Aug 11, 1993
Wayne Williams Jul 28, 1993
Richard Speck Jun 30, 1993
Charles Starkweather Jun 23, 1993
Howard Hughes Biography Hoax Jun 16, 1993
Jean Harris May 9, 1993
City Killer Gangs Apr 28, 1993
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Apr 21, 1993
Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald: The Green Beret Killer Feb 13, 1993
John Wayne Gacy: Mass Murderer Dec 16, 1992
Ted Bundy Dec 2, 1992
The Hillside Strangers Nov 18, 1992
Murph the Surf Nov 11, 1992
Boston Strangler Nov 4, 1992
Jonestown Massacre Oct 7, 1992