Animal ER Canceled Nat Geo Wild Series Not Returning for Season 3

Genres: Medical, Nature
Status: Canceled
Station: Nat Geo Wild
Latest Episode: 10/7/2017
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In this veterinary hospital on the Gulf Coast is dubbed the “Mayo Clinic for animals” and the staff do everything in their power to save whatever walks through their door

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On Pins and Needles Oct 7, 2017

The top veterinarians in Texas treat a Yorkie that swallowed a sewing needle, a kitten with injuries to its teeth, jaw, and eye after a dog attack, a king penguin with a swollen ankle, a Swedish Vallhund with excessive thirst and urination, and a West Highland White Terrier with skin allergies.

Something Fishy Sep 30, 2017

The vets treat a dog named Savannah, who is brought in because her owners think she may have something fishy stuck in her stomach.

Down the Rabbit Hole Sep 23, 2017

At Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, the top veterinarians in Texas treat Raisin, a Catahoula dog with a severely broken and infected leg; Constantino the Siamese cat with a fractured hip joint; an Angora rabbit named Gandalf with a bulging eye problem; Toby, a Maltese that has lost the ability to walk; and Zuri, an African serval cat suffering from pancreatitis.

Blindsided Sep 16, 2017

At Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, the top veterinarians in Texas treat Judge, a blind Labrador; Pru, a Great Dane service dog with spinal cord inflammation; Ace, an Asian leopard with skin irritation around his eyes and ears; a 4-month-old bulldog puppy with bladder issues; and Bagwell, a rescued Chihuahua with a broken back that is unable to walk.

Miracle Max Sep 9, 2017

At Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, the top veterinarians in Texas treat Bonnie the Lab with a heart condition, a peacock with a severely damaged leg, Max the schnauzer with a 5-pound tumor in his abdomen and a cocker spaniel with hermaphroditism who needs gender reassignment surgery in order to live a healthy life.

Unusual Suspects Sep 2, 2017

The staff at GCVS treat an Asian elephant that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Meanwhile, a giant Schnauzer comes in with a chronic hip fracture, and Dr. Hottinger fears that her whippet named Reed may have cancer.

The Elephant in the Room Aug 22, 2017

The staff at GCVS treat an Asian elephant that has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fire Drill Aug 15, 2017

After a fire breaks out at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, the staff must evacuate the hospital, while making sure patients and their owners are safe.

Toy Trauma Oct 11, 2016

Aries, a rescued big horn ram arrives with a front leg that was badly injured in a dog attack. Dr. Beale performs surgery to release the tendons in Aries' leg to allow for freer movement and a few months later, Aries is putting weight on his leg and is expected to be a happy, healthy ram in the future. Chloe, a Catahoula Cur, is rushed into Gulf Coast with a piece of a cat toy literally sticking out of her side. Dr. Caleb Hudson performs a delicate surgery to remove the toy, which has pierced Chloe's stomach, diaphragm, and her outer skin, and Chloe makes a full recovery. Kiki, a twelve-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo, needs surgery to repair her prolapsed...

Chaos in the OR Oct 4, 2016

At the Houston Zoo, Chaos, a 17-year-old Chimpanzee, gets not one, but TWO root canals from Veterinary dentist Dr. Chanda Miles from Gulf Coast. There's a limited amount of time that Chaos can be under anaesthesia, so Dr. Miles enlists the help of a colleague and barely makes it in under the wire. Rambo, a seven-year-old mutt, is rushed in as an emergency case after being hit by a mail truck. Despite some clear neurological issues, Doctors Wayne Whitney and Carley Giovanella take a watch and wait tack, which pays off when Rambo makes a full recovery without having done invasive and, as it turns, out unnecessary procedures.

Code Red Sep 27, 2016

Today the staff of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, comes to the aid of the Houston Humane Society after they receive over 200 neglected animals that are confiscated during a pet store raid. Exotic animal specialist Danielle Inman and Dr. Sue Chen treat a wide variety of animals for issues related to neglect and mismanagement.

Heroic Measures Sep 20, 2016

Damon, a rescue dog found bleeding and missing a paw, is a candidate for an artificial limb. Lucy, a dachshund, is rushed to the ICU with a crushed jaw and Emma, a French bulldog, is brought to the neurology department with paralyzed legs. Two sea turtles face a rash of tumors all over their bodies. Darth Rachel, a Labrador retriever, is brought to GCVS because of her labored breathing.

Tiger Emergency Sep 13, 2016

Today is a first for Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. Nia, a 6-year-old white Bengal tiger, is in critical need of surgery. Meanwhile, a puppy's broken leg needs surgery and a lab mix requires an operation to remove a mass next to her brain.

Po'ed Python Sep 6, 2016

Mikka, an 18-foot reticulated python, needs her lungs checked for pneumonia. Coco the Dalmatian needs surgery to remove a cyst that is hampering her spinal function. The Houston Zoo rushes in with a 31-year-old blue-billed curassow with a broken leg. The parents of Daphne, an 11-year-old Labrador mix, face a tough decision and Dr. Beale performs a total hip replacement on Bear, a German shepherd.