Bloodlands Season 3 is yet to be announced by BBC One

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Status: not renewed yet
Station: BBC One
Latest Episode: 10/23/2022
Created by: Chris Brandon
Official site:

When a former IRA man is abducted, DCI Tom Brannick is forced to confront an assassin who haunts his past, in order to crackthe investigation in the present.

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Name Air Dates
Episode 6 Oct 23, 2022

Tom falters on the tightrope between his police investigation and his illicit pursuit of the murder weapon and the gold, as it all threatens to come tumbling down.

Episode 5 Oct 16, 2022

Tom is forced to deal with the killer in order to stay in the hunt for the gold, but a revelation from Izzy threatens to knock him off course.

Episode 4 Oct 9, 2022

With the origins of the gold confirmed, an American gangster arrives in Dunfolan to take back what is his. Birdy makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 3 Oct 2, 2022

Tom and Olivia work together outside the official police investigation as their search for the gold forges a most unsavoury alliance.

Episode 2 Sep 25, 2022

The search for Robert Dardis leads Tom and Niamh to an abandoned house. Tom takes advantage of the unfolding situation to deceive his colleagues and try to find out more, but a heated confrontation leads to a fatal mistake. Tom's relationship with Olivia deepens as each recognises the value the other has in their search for the gold.

Episode 1 Sep 18, 2022

The body of an accountant is found on the shores of Strangford Lough. Tom Brannick and Niamh McGovern are assigned to the case.

The accountant is woven in to the tapestry of Tom's tumultuous past, and now Tom must find out who the killer is and where the accountant had been hiding his gold all of these years.

Episode 4 Mar 14, 2021

Tom Brannick enlists the help of Heather Pentland to find out what Jackie Twomey knows about Goliath. Tori Matthews and Tom's daughter, Izzy, put pressure on Tom to get to the truth. With lives on the line, Tom must unmask Goliath before it's too late.

Episode 3 Mar 7, 2021

Tom Brannick and Niamh McGovern launch a manhunt for Adam Corry who has disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Tori Matthews agrees to help Tom in the quest to identify Goliath, the legendary assassin who appears to be at large once again. As pressure builds on the police, Tom must confront the possibility Goliath may be one of his fellow officers.

Episode 2 Feb 28, 2021

Tom continues to search for Pat Keenan's kidnapper, hoping they will lead him to Goliath. But is somebody leading him down a false trail?

Episode 1 Feb 21, 2021

While investigating when a car is pulled from Strangford Lough, DCI Tom Brannick recognises the calling card of a serial killer from decades ago known as Goliath - one of whose victims was the detectives's wife. Despite opposition from old friend DCS Jackie Twomey, Brannick and partner DS Niamh McGovern break open the cold case in the hope that it will help them.