(More Than) A Cooking Show Season 1: Release Date Set for Fall 2022 on

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Alison’s enthusiasm for the art of cooking is infectious; whether it be her spring chicken with crispy leeks or shallot pasta recipe, you simply want to cook with her

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(More Than) A Cooking Show: Bringing Food and Fun Together

Welcome to the world of "(More Than) A Cooking Show", the TV series that is more than just a cooking show. This unique and entertaining program combines the art of cooking with humor, storytelling, and interactive challenges that will leave you hungry for more. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other as we dive into the delicious world of "(More Than) A Cooking Show".

Food for the Soul: A Recipe for Laughter and Entertainment

Step into the kitchen with our charismatic host, Chef Carlo, as he whips up mouth-watering recipes while sharing hilarious anecdotes and engaging stories. "(More Than) A Cooking Show" is not your typical instructional program - it's a full-blown entertainment experience that will leave you both inspired and entertained. Chef Carlo's infectious energy and passion for food will have you laughing out loud and craving his delectable creations.

Each episode is a delightful journey that not only teaches you how to prepare scrumptious meals but also immerses you in the vibrant world of food. From exploring the origins of exotic spices to uncovering secret family recipes, "(More Than) A Cooking Show" invites you to experience the joy of cooking as a way to connect with culture, tradition, and the people around us. Get ready to be transported to far-flung places as Chef Carlo takes you on a culinary voyage that will leave your taste buds tingling and your heart full.

More Than Just a Cooking Show: Interactive Challenges and Mouthwatering Results

"(More Than) A Cooking Show" doesn't stop at entertaining you with Chef Carlo's wit and culinary expertise. This innovative series also includes interactive challenges that allow viewers to participate and put their own cooking skills to the test. From guessing the secret ingredient to recreating Chef Carlo's signature dishes, viewers have the opportunity to engage with the show and become part of the cooking adventure.

But the best part? The mouthwatering results! After each episode, viewers are encouraged to try their hand at the featured recipes and share their culinary creations on social media using the hashtag CookingWithCarlo. This vibrant online community adds an extra layer of fun and connection to the show, as viewers from around the world come together to celebrate good food, laughter, and the shared love for "(More Than) A Cooking Show".

So, if you're tired of the same old cooking shows, join us on this extraordinary culinary journey with "(More Than) A Cooking Show". Get ready to laugh, learn, and fall in love with food all over again. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, this series is guaranteed to inspire and entertain. Stay tuned for the next episode, and remember, cooking is not just about the ingredients - it's about the joy and connection that food brings to our lives. Happy cooking!


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