Solar Opposites Season 4 The release date Feb 05, 2024 on Hulu

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Status: not renewed yet
Latest Episode: 8/14/2023
Next Episode: 2/5/2024
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Station: Hulu

A family of aliens move to middle America, where they debate whether life is better there or on their home planet.

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Name Air Dates
An Earth Shatteringly Romantic Solar Valentine's Day Opposites Special Feb 5, 2024
The Ping Pong Table Aug 14, 2023

At their new jobs, Korvo and Terry lobby their boss to get the office a ping pong table.

The Unwanted Personification of Terry Aug 14, 2023

The Solars have been on Earth long enough that they're starting to become human!

The Re-Visibility Bouillabaisse Aug 14, 2023

Korvo and Terry accidentally turn themselves invisible and the invisibility makes them blind.

Down and Out on Planet X-Non Aug 14, 2023

Glen has to learn to survive in an alien city.

The Super Gooblers Aug 14, 2023

The Solars all create Super Gooblers which are living versions of their own emotional problems.


The Cardboard Dead Drop Aug 14, 2023

An action filled, espionage action episode that takes place in the wall.

The Stockiverse Ray Aug 14, 2023

The Solars get trapped in the Stock Image-filled Stockiverse.

The Birth-A-Day Present Aug 14, 2023

It's Yumyulack's birthday!

The Pronunciation Cassette Tapes Aug 14, 2023

The Solars get a pet dinosaur!

The Mobile AISHA Emitter Aug 14, 2023

AISHA goes on a date outside the ship.

TBA Aug 14, 2023
A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special Oct 3, 2022

The Solar Opposites are getting scary!

The Fog of Pupa Jul 13, 2022

Finally, another season finale! Just wish the Pupa would behave himself…

Terry and Korvo Get in a Big Screaming Fight in the Taco Bell Parking Lot Jul 13, 2022

The Solars assume the position and prepare for justice.

The Rays That Turn People Into Various Things Jul 13, 2022

Congratulations! The Solars live in an award-winning town!

The Cubic Lattice Crystallizer Jul 13, 2022

Pack your bags: the Solar Opposites are going on vacation!

The Platinum Beyblade Burst 800 Takara Tomy Edition Jul 13, 2022

Jackpot! Yumyulack learns about high school betting.

99 Ships Jul 13, 2022

A look at what happened to the ships from the opening credits.

The Gargoyle Ray Jul 13, 2022

Oops! Terry and Korvo get taken away by Child Protective Services!

Hululand Jul 13, 2022

Buckle up! The Solars go to Hululand!

The Pupas Big Day Jul 13, 2022

The group finds themselves experiencing a pivotal and outstanding day.

The Edamame Duffle Bag Jul 13, 2022

Choo choo! Korvo goes full steam ahead with his model train hobby.

The Extremity Triangulator Jul 13, 2022

Welcome back! The Solar Opposites have repaired their ship again and are finally heading to space. No way things go wrong this time!

A Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special Nov 22, 2021

HO HO HO! The Solars don't understand the holidays, but that won't stop them from trying!

The Sacred Non-repeating Number Mar 26, 2021

Blimey! The Solar Opposites have repaired their ship and are heading to space, unless something goes hilariously wrong…

The Solar Opposites Almost Get an Xbox Mar 26, 2021

Finally! It's season finale time again! The Solars learn about death!

The Unlikely Demise of Terry's Favorite Shot Glass Mar 26, 2021

Oops! The wild story that explains why Terry had to order a new shot glass.

The Apple Pencil Pro Mar 26, 2021

Dinner Time! Korvo wins top prize at the annual neighborhood rib festival.

The Rad Awesome Terrific Ray Mar 26, 2021

Oh no! The Red Goobler's back and this time he's jacked! This one's too scary for me.

The Emergency Urbanizer Mar 26, 2021

Woohoo! School's out, so the Solars make a splash at summer camp!

The Lake House Device Mar 26, 2021

Far out! Korvo and Terry manipulate each other with time travel while Yumyulack grows a fat hog.

The Earth Eraser Mar 26, 2021

Heyo! Terry's obsession with dinner parties gets the whole team in a mess-o-trouble.

Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer May 8, 2020

Finally! It's season finale time, baby!

Terry and Korvo Steal a Bear May 8, 2020

Whoops! Terry, Korvo, Yumyulack and Jesse work together to steal a bear from the zoo… with hilarious consequences.

The P.A.T.R.I.C.I.A. Device May 8, 2020

G'day! This episode is all about Yumyulack and koalas!

The Lavatic Reactor May 8, 2020

YAKKITY YACK! TERRY AND KORVO ARE GOING TO SCHOOL! Jesse and Yumyulack *also* go to school.

The Booster Manifold May 8, 2020

Egad! Korvo and Terry try to manage their stress. The replicants learn about their growing bodies.

The Quantum Ring May 8, 2020

TaDAH! Korvo becomes a magician!

The Unstable Grey Hole May 8, 2020

Yikes! Korvo and Terry use alien technology to make their neighbors like them. Jesse tries to show Yumyulack that humans are basically good.

The Matter Transfer Array May 8, 2020

Uh oh! Korvo and Terry make a Funbucket real while the replicants deal with a school bully.